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Alice woman takes it easy during Tropical Storm Alberto

Posted at 11:30 AM, Jun 20, 2024
  • Alice is feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Alberto.
  • It's been raining in Alice practically non-stop.

It’s really coming down in Alice, as Tropical Storm Alberto has caused the rainfall to fluctuate on and off.

KRIS 6 News reporter Melissa Trevino took a drive around Jim Wells County and saw a few homes with sandbags in preparation for the upcoming storm.

Alice Emergency Management Coordinator Patrick Thomas said that his concern was the rain associated with Tropical Storm Alberto because areas of Alice are propane to flooding.

There was a steady in the creek as the water has been practically nonstop and rain is being collected in creeks.

An Alice woman, who goes by the name Hope, was given the day off from working because of Tropical Storm Alberto. She said she’s been taking it easy and only came out to purchase a few items.

“I just went to go buy Corona Premium from H-E-B. That’s where I’m going. To buy some Doritos. We got some chicken salad. That’s what we’re doing,” Hope said.

Hope, who has lived in Alice her entire life, said please drive safe, wear your seat belts as more rain is expected.

The City of Alice posted several weather-affected areas on their Facebook page such as flooding on Highland and outside lanes flooded on the 1100 block of Main Street to 1600 block of Main Street and more.

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