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Christmas Mimosas Are A Festive Holiday Cocktail

Christmas Mimosas Are A Festive Holiday Cocktail
Posted at 10:30 AM, Dec 21, 2022

After all the presents are opened and the house is full of torn-up wrapping paper, the next step to a perfect Christmas morning is breakfast and a festive mimosa!

From Southern Living, this White Christmas Mimosa is made with orange liqueur, white cranberry juice and champagne or dry sparkling wine. You’ll also need clear sanding sugar for the rim of the glass, plus fresh cranberries and rosemary for garnish.

The drink is easy to make, as you simply add equal amounts of cranberry juice and orange liqueur to your glass, then top it with champagne. It should all come together in a few seconds, so you can make it while cooking breakfast — like these Champagne Pancakes!


If you don’t like the flavors in that mimosa, you can also try out a different champagne-based Christmas drink that contains just three ingredients: champagne, white creme de cacao and candy canes (of course)!

The Peppermint White Christmas Cocktail from Freutcake is simple to make. The most time-consuming part is crushing candy canes to adorn the rim of the glass. You then mix the champagne and white creme de cacao, then add an entire candy cane to the glass to make it extra festive.


After the mimosas are finished, it’s time to start planning your evening drinks. This Sugar Cookie Martini from Crazy For Crust or these Mistletoe Margaritas from Delish might be just the thing!

If you prefer to inject notes of sweet warmth into your holiday libations, the “Santa’s Sin” Cocktail mixes salted caramel vodka with Rumchata and hot chocolate. This quickly creates a cozy concoction perfect for sipping at the fireside.

A party also needs some fun shots, of course, so you’ll want to add the ingredients for these Grinch-inspired Christmas Jell-O shots to your shopping list. All you’ll need is lime Jell-O and strawberry Jell-O, plus the alcohol of your choice — or leave them booze-free for the kids.

What drinks will you be making this holiday season?

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