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These Walking Shoes Have More Than 55,000 5-Star Reviews On Amazon

These Walking Shoes Have More 55,000 5-Star Reviews On Amazon
Posted at 6:30 AM, Apr 26, 2022

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We all know what it’s like to wear shoes that are too stiff, are not the right fit or are big and bulky. The best footwear is the kind you barely notice.

So what should you look for when choosing a new go-everywhere shoe? Ideally, something light, well-made yet soft, and with a roomy toe box. Shoes that make your feet feel good. A snug and well-shaped fit that is tailored to your foot will help you avoid any rubbing on your heel and blisters. And, of course, you want something that looks stylish, too.

When we saw the killer reviews for these Women’s Walking Sock Sneakers by Walking Man on Amazon, we had to take a closer look. Of more than 99,290 reviews, 55,940 people rated these sneakers with 5 stars and more than 14,900 with 4 stars, many saying they’re breathable and that their feet don’t sweat in them.

Because of the thick soles, these kicks are great for people who stand during their workdays or who want a comfortable, light pair to pack for vacations. Fans say they’re highly supportive, built well and great for flat-footed folks with little to no arch support. There’s an air bubble under the heel that absorbs impact as you go. Sounds comfy!

Usually, really great athletic shoes are an investment, but these are incredibly affordable. You can find a pair of these sock sneakers on Amazon right now for $23.88-37.99, depending on the color. They’re designed for walking but can be worn while dancing, shopping, gardening or working out.

There are 24 different color options to choose from and range from medium to wide.

Here’s the basic black with white trim:


They also come in this fun yet neutral-ish light purple:

purple walking shoes by slow man

And light blue:

light blue sock sneaker by slow man

And red and black:

red sock sneaker by Slow Man

Thousands of happy customers have posted glowing reviews about these sneakers, writing that they provide nice arch support and good traction. People like that since they don’t have shoelaces — they just slide on and off quickly and easily. The heel’s air pocket (a.k.a. shock absorber) helps ward off any heel pain from long bouts of activity.

One reviewer even said they are so comfortable that she could even sleep in them! (Wow, how often do you hear that?!) She also gushed about how it felt like her “feet are on vacation” while wearing them.

Another person mentioned this footwear is the perfect solution for people who are on their feet all day, like healthcare providers, and said they’re akin to “walking on bubble bouncing cushions.” Another mentioned wearing them is “like walking on clouds.” Several people said these would be good go-to sneakers after having surgery because of how soft and stretchy the upper material is. The memory foam-like padding also provides added comfort to the bottom of the foot.

Many people noted these shoes helped ease the pain associated with plantar fasciitis, and that they are not heavy on their feet at all. The downside is that because these shoes are mostly fabric on top, they wouldn’t be great to wear in the rain. Some people felt the shoes ran too big unless they ordered half a size down. Those that didn’t size down found their feet slid around too much.

What do you think? Will you be giving these slip-on sock sneakers a try?

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