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You’ll Want To Slather This New Cinnamon Bun Spread On Everything

Posted at 10:45 AM, Sep 27, 2019

Autumn is the best time of year to enjoy sweet, spicy flavors like nutmeg and cloves, but cinnamon is the real star of the season. It plays a key role in all of our favorite fall desserts, whether we are talking pumpkin spice lattes, apple pie, gingerbread or apple cider.

So it is only fitting that Trader Joe’swould unveil their cinnamon bun spread just in time for crisper weather. Trader Joe’s describes the limited-time item as, “the best parts of a cinnamon bun in a singular spread.” All the flavor without spending hours in the kitchen making actual cinnamon rolls? And we can put it on anything? Yeah, we’ll be trying this.

Trader Joe’s says the new spread is made in small batches, and they start with browned butter. Then cinnamon, vanilla, cream and honey take their rightful role in this creamy, spreadable delight. Trader Joe’s says cinnamon bun spread would be perfect on top of crisp toast, or even warmed up and drizzled atop a pile of fluffy pancakes. Or, use it as a sundae topping on vanilla ice cream.

Trader Joe's

Folks on social media seem to like it, and they’ve created their own pairings. Twitter user @Leelsgames suggests adding it to French Toast:


Twitter user @spacemonkeyluvn appears to have picked up several items from TJ’s fall-themed bounty, including their new fall leaf-shaped tortilla chips. She points to pumpkin rolls as the perfect vehicle for delivering the cinnamon bun spread to your mouth (and judging by how much of the spread she put on the rolls, she’s a fan):

On that note, Trader Joe’s does have some other intriguing autumn-inspired items right now, such as their honey-roasted pumpkin ravioli and apple cider doughnuts, and their many maple-forward products, including maple streusel bread and maple ginger cookie swirl ice cream. Pair these goodies with a cup of warm coffee or hot apple cider and you will be summoning such powerful autumn vibes that every leaf in a 10-mile radius will change its color.

Fall never tasted so good!

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