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This Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator is a must-have for parents

This Solar Buddies sunscreen applicator is a must-have for parents
Posted at 11:40 AM, Apr 27, 2023

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These days, it seems like you have to be on TikTok to be in on the biggest trends before they’re old news. Whether we’re talking about re-creating the latest food ideas in the kitchen or donating to GoFundMe to help a retail worker retire, the social media platform has almost always been at the forefront of culture.

If you’ve scrolled through your “For You” page recently, you may have seen a video like this one from @kortneyandkarlee, extolling the virtues of an Amazon product called the Solar Buddies Refillable Roll-On Sponge Applicator.

@kortneyandkarlee Amazon summer travel must have!!☀🌊🌴 #amazontravel #founditonazon #learnontiktok #solarbuddies ♬ original sound – Kortney and Karlee

While some are calling it a “travel must have,” others are saying it’s an amazing “mom hack.” As @reesela pointed out in a video, this product is so easy even toddlers can put it on themselves.

The Solar Buddies Sunscreen Applicator (2 for $23.98)


Basically, this Solar Buddies product is an empty container that you fill. This makes it versatile, as all you have to do is simply add in your favorite sunblock (or moisturizer, even) with the SPF level you desire. When it’s empty you can clean it out and use it again. It holds 100 milliliters of product and comes in pink, blue and green.

The Solar Buddies applicator is designed to reduce mess. To get a good layer of product on your skin, just shake the container and use the roller ball to apply the sunscreen to your body. It also has a sponge ring that helps rub in the lotion without you getting your hands greasy.

According to the listing, the filled container should last a long time. If need be, you can simply replace the recyclable applicator head.

Talk about genius. I wish I’d known about these when my son was little. Trying to put sunblock on a squirmy little child on the beach was not how I wanted to spend a nice day out. And trying other options, like spray sunscreens, were problematic, even if they were easier. The spray was hard to use without inhaling toxins, and the bottles were too big to take on airplanes with you unless you checked in a suitcase.

But do Amazon reviewers like Sun Buddies as much as TikTokers? Overall, the applicator gets a 4.5-out-of-5-star rating from more than 4,200 reviewers. The comments section is full of happy parents who complain that their kids hate getting sunscreen applied, but the Sun Buddies applicator makes the process so fast and easy they don’t even fight it. Kids will even put it on themselves.


“First time in his life he actually enjoyed having sunscreen applied to his skin!” reviewer amyj said about her 7-year-old son. “Very easy to use and not messy at all. Extremely pleased with this purchase!”

Another reviewer, Amanda from Canada, started by saying she didn’t have high hopes for Sun Buddies, but quickly changed her mind.

“Once I used it I was shocked. It really made applying sunscreen so easy,” Amanda posted. “Especially on my toddler’s face. He hates anything touching his face and this made it really easy to apply. I will be buying another one to send to daycare and to grandparents’ houses.”

Adults appear to love this using on themselves as well. And because of its size, it’s recommended for travel. The capacity of 100 milliliters equals about 3.38 ounces, which is right around the size the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows for liquids for air travel.

Amazon has a few more kid-friendly and easy-to-apply sunscreen products if you’re in the market.

Nivea Sun Kids Protect And Care Roll-On ($14.92)


If you’re looking for something a little more disposable to keep kids protected from UV rays this summer, the Nivea Sun Kids Protect & Care roll-on is a good alternative option. While roll-ons aren’t perfect because they don’t necessarily go on evenly and you still have to rub them in with your hands, this may still be an easier option than putting lotion on. This lotion has an SPF 50 protection, this 2.12-ounce product with water resistance is travel-friendly, too.

The Nivea roll-on has a 4.7 rating from more than 2,800 users. Fans say it’s easy to use, fast and rubs in well, but wish there was more product in each container.

SpotMYUV UV Detection Stickers (48-pack for $32.39)


Are you wondering when to reapplying your sunscreen? SpotMyUV Detection Stickers are clinically proven to show you when you need more. The stickers mimic your skin to absorb and release sunscreen at the same rate. They look clear if you’re protected and turn purple when you need to reapply. These stickers are safe for children 3 and up, and each lasts up to 12 hours so you can use one per day.

These stickers get 4 out of 5 stars with more than 1,200 customers weighing in. They like that it works well and has helped them keep from experiencing sun damage, although some find the colors confusing and say it works best away from chlorinated swimming pools.

Using the appropriate SPF with some great sunblock application tools, you can hopefully keep yourself getting burned this summer!


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