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This Crafty Mom Made A Gorgeous Mermaid Wall Decoration Using Wallpaper Samples

This Crafty Mom Made A Gorgeous Mermaid Wall Decoration Using Wallpaper Samples
Posted at 6:00 AM, Sep 20, 2019

If you’d like a little more magic in your life, check out this awesome DIY project for inspiration. To create a beautiful accent wall for her daughter’s bedroom that looked like the scales of a mermaid’s fin, Katie Blackbourn pieced together free wallpaper samples in different whimsical shades and patterns.

Blackbourn’s background was a wall painted in a pretty turquoise shade called Proud Peacock by Dulux. Although her amazing decor scheme came about somewhat by accident, the results are impressive. Check it out in a post from her Instagram:

After painting the wall, she wasn’t sure where the project would take her.

“From there I had no idea what to do next,” the British mom toldPretty 52. “I got some wallpaper samples from B&M and B&Q and took them home to look at with the paint. I genuinely couldn’t decide on one I liked the most so I decided to cut a few bits and place them together. I love collage and mixed media so I was in my creative element. I tried a few different things and the scales just seemed to click!”

She topped it all off with a small mirror. The creative endeavor cost less than $25 and she completed it by working a few hours a night over the course of a few days. When she posted it in the Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, it quickly caught on and went viral.

If you want a little more guidance on how to re-create her design yourself, you can watch this video tutorial she later posted on her Instagram page:

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How to create the look at home ❤

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She also shared a wider shot of the room that includes the bed, which has some adorable mermaid-themed bedding:

How adorable! Would you copy this mermaid look? Or are you inspired to try something completely different — perhaps using wallpaper samples as your starting point?

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