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Severe weather threatening 59 million people this weekend

Western states are watching for floods and eastern states may see thunderstorms.
Severe weather threatening 59 million people this weekend
Posted at 7:23 PM, Apr 28, 2023

From massive hail to damaging winds and even some tornadoes, this week has brought several rounds of severe weather to parts of the United States — most notably to Texas and Florida.

And it's not over: The National Weather Service is warning this newest system carries the continued threat of severe storms through the weekend.

Throughout the country are scenes many wouldn't expect to see, like hail blanketing a high school courtyard in West Melbourne, Florida. 30 miles west of Tallahassee, Florida, officials say a dozen homes were destroyed and about 20 others were damaged near Hosford after a tornado touched down last night.

Baseball-sized hail pounded Texas this week. Southwest of Dallas, a man in Dublin, Texas, captured the scene as hailstones pelted his backyard pool.

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In Fort Worth, two brothers are recovering from a lightning strike.

The Cook Children's Medical center says the boys were playing outside when lightning struck the tree above them. It ricocheted and struck one, causing cardiac arrest, then ricocheted again to strike the second brother. Their mother was about to bring them inside when it happened.

"It's a blur. I just remember all, everybody praying and telling them, 'Jaden, Isaac, come on, come on. Breathe, breathe. You gotta wake up, wake up,'" said Jessica Martinez Alvarado, the boys' mother.

Meanwhile, rising temperatures in the West have put several states under flood watch due to snow melt.

New York and New Jersey are expecting heavy rain and winds all weekend as two storms move through the states.

In all, 59 million people in 11 states are facing at least a marginal risk of severe weather Friday and Saturday.

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