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One dead in traffic accident near Robstown

Posted at 1:43 PM, Oct 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-24 17:19:22-04

One man is dead after two trucks collided at the intersection of State Highway 44 and Violet Road.

Department of Public Safety spokesman Sgt. Nathan Brandley said the accident happened around 12:54 p.m., when the driver of green Ford F-150 pickup truck and a flatbed truck driver were driving in the westbound lanes of State Highway 44 heading toward Robstown.

Though the accident still is under investigation, the department believes the tractor-trailer was attempting a right-hand turn onto Violet Road when the driver hit the flatbed truck on the passenger side, where the cab and trailers portion attach.

"There's extensive damage to the front end of the pickup, and more to the driver's-side cab portion, and there's damage to the right side of the truck-tractor trailer area," Brandley said.

The flatbed reportedly was coming from a nearby construction site. An overpass is being built nearby.

The driver of the F-150 was pronounced dead at the scene. The flatbed driver doesn't have any injuries.

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