Troubleshooters: Moving damages irritates local single mom

Woman has complaint against local moving company on Troubleshooters
Posted at 4:03 PM, Jan 17, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-21 14:17:46-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A local single mom hired a moving business to move to her belongings from a storage facility to a house in October 2018.

She claims the movers damaged a lot of her stuff, and still haven't come back to fix it.

"Oh god! You have to excuse this room."

We're with Vanessa Wharton, who's showing us how her move into a house on the city's south side house, a year ago, is affecting her life.

One of her son's sleeps on this mattress on the floor.

Wharton says his bed frame is still in the garage because the movers stripped the screws and can't set it up.

The moving company Wharton hired is called Above All the Rest.

She says it's owned by Mark Morin.

The Troubleshooters went to the company's main office to get their side of this story and wound up leaving our card and asking them to call us.

Wharton showed us a torn couch cushion.

More of the damage she blames Above All the Rest for.

She also tells us she paid them a little more than $300 for the move, but now she sleeps on an air mattress on her living room ever since she's moved in.

Her bed frame is still in the garage too, because the movers need some plates in order to set it up correctly, according to Wharton.

"Tell me specifically what you want them to do ?" The Troubleshooters asked her.

"Actually I would really want them to give me their insurance information so I can file a claim, because as far as them replacing my belongings, that's not going to happen," she responded.

Wharton says she's just tired.

Tired of having to ask 'Above All the Rest' again, and again, and again to do what she says they've told her they would do.

Repair the damages.

"Hey Mark, this is Vanessa Wharton."

She called Mark Morin again this morning.

"I'll be there tomorrow," he tells her. "But you always say that Mark. Oh my God! Call me tomorrow Vanessa. I will meet you at your house."