Troubleshooters; Mover's Response

Local Mover Responds to Troubleshooters Report on Complaint
Posted at 4:17 PM, Jan 20, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-20 19:43:33-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — We have new information on a Troubleshooters story we first reported Friday.

A single mom told us her side of a complaint against a local moving company.

Tonight, the business owner gives us his side.

"I was in the rental industry for eight years," said Mark Morin. "Moving business for 15 years. I've seen people do this. They always want something for nothing."

Morin owns Above All the Rest Movers, and that is his response to a complaint made against his business by Vanessa Wharton in our story on Friday.

Wharton showed us scratches on a piece of her furniture she insists were done by Morin's crew.

Morin says 'No way.'

"If you're gonna scratch it, it's gonna go one way," he said. "It's not gonna go multiple ways. Physically impossible. Look at that."

Wharton said she can't sleep on her own bed because the movers haven't replaced the plates necessary to set it up.

Morin showed us video he took of a bed set-up in the master bedroom.

"I said 'Well, whose bed is this in the master bedroom?' She said, 'Oh, that's my bed. I just prefer to sleep on the air mattress.' When did she tell you that? I have it recorded on my phone."

But he told us he'll go back and set up the bed properly with the plates it needs.

Wharton said her kids sleep on the floor as well, because the movers stripped the screws to their bed, and haven't come back to replace them.

But Morin showed us video of two beds.

He said it's actually a bunk bed separated into individual beds, that have been damaged, but not by his crew. So he doesn't feel it's his responsibility to fix it.

Wharton also blames damages to a table, and a torn couch cushion, on Morin's crew, and wants them to replace them.

Morin said he's not responsible.

"She denied shrink wrap or pad wrapping her furniture, upon initial delivery."

He also adds that he gave Wharton a discount to move her stuff from an apartment to a storage facility.

And did not charge her a dime to move her stuff from the storage unit to her south side home.

He's very proud of how he's built his business.

"We get the highest ratings, because we get the most ratings, because we do more jobs than anyone," he said. "We give everyone the best price."

So here's what Morin says he'll do: Fix the bed in the master bedroom.

And he's contacting an attorney with the Department of Transportation.

He's prepared to take this to court if necessary.