Kingsville Couple Calls Troubleshooters for Help with Pool

Contractor Tells Troubleshooters He's Willing to Come Back and Repair Pool
Posted at 3:50 PM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-10 20:49:53-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Reza Ahanger and Betty Fowler just started running clear water into their swimming pool.

Dirty green water has been sitting in it for awhile now.

The couple says they moved into this home in Kingsville in 2007, and have enjoyed the pool for about 10 years now.

Until, they say, a tornado touched down sometime in 2016 and damaged it.

So they haven't been able to use it ever since.

So, in 2018, they hired a company called Premier Solutions, run by Benny and John Saldana, to make repairs to the plumbing, concrete, skimmers, decking, and other stuff.

But this is what it looks like today.

"I said 'I'm flexible,' " said Ahanger. "If you want to do it wood, or concrete, or tile, or whatever, we'll do it. But he just left because, I think, he found that maybe he couldn't do that or whatever. I just didn't come back. Quit."

Ahanger told the Troubleshooters that when they've tried to fill it up, it leaks.

Ahanger has sent Benny Saldana demand letters, imploring him to come back and finish what he started in 2018, but Saldana rarely responds.

"I'll be more than happy to go back and finish what I need to finish up, and collect whatever else is left that they owe me," Saldana said.

Ah-ha! Saldana says Ahanger owes him more money -- more than the $17,000 he acknowledges he's already been paid.

We contacted Saldana by email, and he called us back.

His side of this story is that he went thru a very trying time in his personal life, and is just now getting back on his feet.

He did add, however, that Ahanger did a change order on the original contract.

And about the money. . .

"How much would you say?," Saldana said. "Um, I gotta take a look. If I'm not mistaken, about $10,000."

Ahanger and Fowler say they've had other pool repair businesses come by to take a look, but they've turned the job down.