Troubleshooters helping man waiting for unemployment check

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Troubleshooters aim to help unemployed Waves worker
Posted at 2:48 PM, May 13, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-13 19:16:28-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — The Texas Workforce Commission says that over the last two months, they have filed 2,2 million unemployment claims.

That’s as many as they would normally file over a three-year period.

Tonight, Andy Liscano talks to a man who’s filed, and is still waiting for his first check.

Larry Poindexter, a former employee at Waves Resort on the Island was let go on March 28 when the park closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Park management did do a mass unemployment filing for its employees who lost their jobs.

But seven weeks later, Poindexter is still waiting on his first benefits check.

“What’s really frustrating, O.K., so we did our taxes on a Friday," Poindexter said. "By Thursday the money was already in our account. We filed for food stamps. We already have the approval. Why is this taking so long ? “

Francisco Gamez of the TWC had an explanation.

“It could be that the TWC is still doing an investigation to see if the type of job separation matches up with what the employer is saying,” said Gamez, who said his office is working overtime to approve claims and send checks out.

Poindexter checks on the status of his benefits frequently.

“It just says we’re reviewing your claim to see if we can pay you," he said.

Gamez says due to the enormous number of claims filed, expect delays. The average is 21 days.

So he advises those still waiting, like Poindexter, to call the TWC or go online, early in the morning or, on weekends.

“Anyone that is eligible for unemployment insurance will receive those benefits," Gamez said. "And they won’t just get those benefits from the time they applied. They’ll be backdated as far back as March 8.”

In the meantime, he’s offered to help Poindexter.

Of course, as soon as Poindexter receives his unemployment benefits check, we’ll let you know.