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Salvation Army in Need of Coats this Season

Posted at 11:51 PM, Nov 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-21 00:52:53-05

With the recent extreme cold weather, there has been an increase in the urgency for coats for those in need here in the Coastal Bend.

"A lot of the individuals that come in don't have coats cause they're used to being here in Corpus Christi where it's usually warm here all year, and so when a cold front hits its especially a crisis for them," says Captain Patrick Gesner, commanding officer for salvation army coastal bend.

The salvation army's closet is currently low on coats and blankets, after almost all of them were given away during the last cold front.

The organization goes through anywhere from fifty to a hundred coats each winter. and so far from the last cold front, they're already almost out.

Besides giving coats and blankets, they're preparing for more people in need of shelter. currently, there are nineteen families and thirty seven children already under the salvation army's roof.

"Go out there where it's thirty, thirty something or forty something and raining and go out with without a coat and just sand there for a couple of hours and just see what it's like. if you put yourself in their shoes, alls it would take is a couple of days," Carlos rodrigue who stays salvation army with his wife and three little girls.
If you are interested in helping, visit
The salvation army hopes that by getting the word out they won't have to turn anyone down, especially children. They ask to picture what you would do if it was your family on the streets.