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Rockport Chamber of Commerce member receives the keys to her new home

Posted at 11:10 PM, Oct 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-15 00:22:16-04

ROCKPORT, Texas — It's been over two years now since Hurricane Harvey made landfall. Unfortunately, the effects of that devastating storm continue to be felt across the Coastal Bend.

Multiple businesses and homes were wiped out after the storm hit Rockport. Rebuilding is still ongoing in the coastal community and it's no different for city leaders.

Today, one of those city leaders is celebrating good news. She just received the keys to her new home.

A key leader with the Rockport Chamber of Commerce, Sandy Jumper has worked closely with recovery and rebuilding efforts.

However, the storm took her home too and she also needed to rebuild.

"People would say, well how did you do it? How did you survive that? When you don't have a choice, you do what you have to do and so that's just what we did, we were in survival mode and we really didn't realize we were going to have this so with that being said. I think you don't know how resilient you can be till you have to do that,” says Sandy Jumper.

Harvey had destroyed the Jumper's home and RV and the storm had limited her and her husband to only one room in their home that was the only semi livable room.

Help was on the way.

“It's just fantastic they didn't waste any time because they know that people are without a home and they're wanting to settle down to their home,” says Randy Jumper.

Workers with the General Land Office did their inspection and ruled that the two needed a new home and the GLO wasted no time getting in touch with DSW Homes.

“When we bring a family home, and you hand them that key and you see the beautiful home that they are going to have now, there's not a better tire than I think anybody who works on this could feel,” says Steve Mataro with DSW Homes.

The new two-bedroom and two bathroom home sits in the Copano Village in Rockport.

Workers with DSW Homes say they were able to rebuild this new home in less than sixty days.