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Nueces Co. ESD No. 2 breaks record for water-rescue calls in 2019

Posted at 12:01 AM, Jan 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-08 01:01:33-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Nueces County Emergency Services District No. 2 has a busy 2019.

The emergency crew responded to more calls and rescues last year than it has in any year since the water-rescue team's inception in 2013.

In 2019 alone, the Emergency Services District No. 2 responded to 67 water-rescue calls and performed 23 saves. Nine of those ended up being calls with fatalities.

The Nueces Co. ESD No. 2 crews said some of these accidents could have been prevented.

“Try and wear the life jackets because once you're in the water it's too late to say 'I'm going to put it on now,' " said Nueces County ESD No. 2 Chief Dale Scott. "Try to have them on. We realize they're hot when you're traveling, but it's for your own safety.”

You may remember back in June of 2019 three men were thrown from their boat near the JFK Causeway.

Scott said boaters must check weather conditions and wear the proper gear. He also said the main reason for the high number of calls and life-saving actions, is inexperienced boat drivers: that, and that visitors are not familiar with the local waters.

For the start of 2020, ESD No. 2 responded to two calls and three saves.