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New Information on Local Business and Its Owner Investigated by BBB

Local Couple Claims Owner of Local Business Owes Them Money
Posted at 5:50 PM, Oct 09, 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — More allegations against a local business and its owner, accused this time, of not completing the job.
We first told you about Texas Premier Roofing, and its owner, Amanda Cruz, when the Better Business Bureau sent out information on an Alice woman who lost her money to them.
Now there's a new complaint.

A local couple tells Action Ten News that they've filed a lawsuit against Amanda Cruz and her Texas Premier Roofing business.
The couple, who asked to remain anonymous, is claiming Cruz breached the contract both sides agreed to.

According to the couple, Cruz and her business were hired to build an addition to their home, but never finished the job that was started just about a year ago.
Not only that, the couple claims Cruz never pulled the permits, required by the city, to do the work.
So they're claiming Cruz owes them an estimated $48,000.00.

According to the Nueces County Criminal Case search, Cruz, who has also gone by the aliases Amanda Guerrero, Ynfante, and Espinosa, was convicted of 2 counts of forgery in May 2011, and put on 3 years probation.
But in August of 2011, her probation was revoked, and she was sentenced to 2 years in jail.
In March of this year, Cruz was put on 5 years probation on theft charges.

We have also reported that there is another Texas Premier Roofing business in San Antonio.
The owner says he is in *no way associated with Cruz or her business.
In fact, he told us he asked her to stop using his trademarked logo.
But when she didn't respond, he had it removed from the website.

Just about an hour ago, we received another customer complaint about Amanda Cruz and Texas Premier Roofing.
The customer says she paid Cruz approximately $7000.00 in November 2018, to do some work on a rental property, but that Cruz quote...'didn't do anything right' and didn't finish the job.

She further told us Cruz is saying the customer owes her about $500.00.