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More suspects identified in Aransas Co. theft ring

Posted at 6:01 PM, Feb 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-21 19:58:40-05

ARANSAS COUNTY, TEXAS — Action 10 News has learned 13 people have now been arrested in connection with tractor trailer thefts in Aransas County.

We're told the investigation is ongoing and there could be even more arrests.

For the past seven months thieves have been stealing tractor trailers from Aransas County.

"We have photographs where they're actually hooking up and stealing some of these trailers."

Aransas County Sheriff Bill Mills said as of this morning the total number of identified suspects is at 16. There are currently five warrants out for three additional suspects.

Mill said one of the suspects -- who lives in Real County outside of San Antonio -- was buying the stolen property with cash.

"We think that we can prove that he was not an innocent bystander," Mills said. "That he participated in -- maybe not the act of theft -- but he would submit orders for some of the stuff."

Mills said up to $250,000 worth of property has been recovered from Real County, bringing the total to about $400,000 worth of property that has been stolen.

He said two of the original suspects who were arrested seven months ago for stealing trailers were out on bond and then caught again.

"In fact one of them I think had stolen a trailer, had taken it, sold it in Real County and came back and used the money to pay his bondsman from the first offense," he said.

He said there's a possibility that this theft ring will still grow as they continue to go through evidence.

"Because this doesn't answer all of the tractors that have been lost here in the last year, year-in-a-half."

Mills said those identified will be charged with engaging in criminal activity and possibly possession of stolen property.