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Longtime downtown restaurant perform proactive steps to stay healthy during coronavirus concerns

Posted at 11:00 PM, Mar 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-13 00:04:20-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — U&I Seafood and Steaks, a staple in downtown Corpus Christi for years has faced crises in the past but not like the weight of the coronavirus.

Workers are taking proactive steps in staying healthy.

“We're having meetings every so often we're making sure they're staying on top of their game and we're staying on top of them also,” says General Manager George Halkias.

Halkias says he makes sure that staff is on the same page while keeping everyone accountable.

“100% safety is the most important thing in the business, I mean you can't do nothing without your safety customer safety, more than us because we're going to be here tomorrow but the customer you have to worry about them at all times,” says Halkias.

Workers are taking extra time within their shifts to wash their hands especially after touching money.

The restaurant also has sanitation stations set up at their computers.

“And then after every four times of sanitizing, we have them going to the bathroom and washing their hands properly for more than 30 seconds coming back out and continuing their routine we're just trying to keep ourselves clean,” says Halkias.

Management also says if a worker feels that they may not be able to perform, then they are not allowed to clock in.