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Local Man Wants to Gift Electric Bike He Built

Local Man Wants to Gift Electric Bike He Built
Posted at 7:05 PM, Dec 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-06 20:08:00-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — So, what do you want for Christmas ?
How about a bike ?
How about an electric bike ?

I met a man today who's built an electric bike and wants to gift it away to an individual or family in need of any form of transportation.
A man named Mike Barnes built it and wants to give it away.
"And you do this because ? I like working on electric bikes and electric cars."

Barnes insists the bike is street legal because it still has pedals and does not go faster than 20 miles an hour.
But you still need to wear a helmet.
Remember, safety first.
But you don't need a license or insurance.

See, Barnes used to sell regular bikes for a living, but there just wasn't enough business.
So he started building these electric bikes in his garage 'cause he enjoys it.
And he wants to gift this one away.
"Why," we asked. "I want some needy kid to have it. That's gonna appreciate it. That will show it off, and take it to car shows and stuff," Barnes told us.

See, Barnes hopes people see it and contact him asking him to build one for them.
You can also pedal this bike.
In fact, Barnes recommends you do that to save battery life.
Know how long it takes for Barnes to build one ?
About a week.
This one has disc brakes in the back.
A 500 amp motor.
New tires.
A charger.
And a battery that he says will last 3-4 years.
And somebody is going to get it for free.

So Action Ten will contact local charitable organizations for their help finding someone deserving of this gift from Mike Barnes.
And of course, when that day comes, we'll let you know.