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Local business owner speaks out about BBB investigation

Posted at 7:10 PM, Oct 14, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-15 10:56:29-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Texas business owner is responding to allegations that she and her husband never completed their contractual obligations.

The Better Business Bureau is investigating Texas Premier Roofing after receiving complaints about the business.

Co-owner Amanda Cruz spoke with KZTV because she wanted to clear some things up about the BBB’s investigation and the allegations against her and her husband. She says she was co-owner of Texas Premier Roofing with her husband, but they're no longer in business. Furthermore, Cruz told KZTV she knew nothing about the BBB's investigation.

One of the complaints against the business is from Norma Atkinson who says she paid Cruz and her husband $6,000, even though she claims they never finished putting a new roof on her home. She further claims Cruz's husband threatened to put a lien on her home if she didn’t give them more money.

"She has kind of fabricated some stuff," Cruz said of Atkinson. "And then also on top of that, she has called, and called, and called. And yes I am currently out on bond because of a case with her."

Cruz didn't hide from her criminal history during her interview with KZTV. She admits she's out on bond for theft and has done time for a theft conviction. But since KZTV started to report on her business, Cruz says she’s been attacked on social media.

Cruz also shared a voice message she claims she received from Atkinson last week. It began with the caller calling Cruz a thug and a thief. The caller goes on to say "are you not ashamed of raising a daughter like her? And you're still defending her. She's going to end up in jail where that thief deserves to be."

In addition to Atkinson’s allegations, KZTV also previously reported that an elderly couple also planned to file criminal charges against Cruz and her business, claiming she owes them an estimated $42,000.

Cruz responded "yes we did stop because we stopped getting payment." Cruz said her company and the customer had a payment arrangement, but the customer failed to uphold their part. She added that this case was actually a mom and her son, not an elderly couple.

A woman from Odem also had a complaint against the Cruzes’ business not finishing her job.

Cruz responded, saying "Jessica Martinez. We did complete the work from start to finish. We did the walk thru. She paid the final bill, then after the fact, she went and complained that she didn't like the work."

Cruz told KZTV she's open to any solutions to these cases and she's willing to compromise. She just wants to move on with her life and the attacks to stop.

"I'm fed up with it. And that's why I've reached out, because I have a criminal history. I feel it's like 'oh, well she's not credible, and she's not going to do anything.' But enough is enough."

Cruz says, as far as she knows, no criminal charges against her or her business are pending. But sources tell KZTV, the mother and son aren't the only ones planning to file charges.