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Local artist puts his skills to the test for infant who wears a helmet

Posted at 4:03 PM, Feb 01, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-01 17:03:19-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A local artist has put his skills to the test for a little infant who requires to wear a helmet and the child's mother says she's truly thankful.

Baby Noah has limited mobility and along with a flat spot and for him moving his head to the right side of his body is hard to do.

His helmet is medically necessary, and his mother wanted to add a personal touch so she reached out on social media to see if an artist could help.

“I was amazed it was more than I could ever imagine I mean he even brought it to us like he wouldn't even let us go meet him he was so excited just to see it on him and you know he put it on him and carried him that day and it was just amazing,” says Noah’s mother Sheila Assaff.

Noah's helmet was painted in the image of the Hulk by artist Danny De Leon.

Danny has painted on several canvas' and murals across South Texas and a helmet was something new for him.

However, Danny says he likes a challenge

“So then I tried it because I honestly truthfully did not expect to do the job I did I was like ah, if I mess it up we are just going to start from scratch so when I finished it I was obsessed with it and my kids loved it was great everyone loved it,” says Danny De Leon.

Danny says this may have been his first helmet, but it won't be his last. He wants to continue to help.

“I feel like being able to give back for the quote/unquote talent that I have, it took me a few years to realize that I have this talent so if I ever have the chance to donate or do something like that something for an auction or someone passed away or something like that it always feel good to be able to do something like that,” says De Leon.

Assaff says soon Noah will need a new helmet and De Leon says he's ready to paint that one too.