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Kingsville Independent School District receives a new and improved rating from the Texas Education Agency

Posted at 11:20 PM, Aug 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-16 00:20:47-04

KINGSVILLE, Texas — School districts have received their 2019 district report cards.
One of those school districts that made a major improvement is the Kingsville Independent School District.
In 2018 the district had received an F rating and in 2019 the district is at a B rating.
This improvement brought much excitement to Kingsville ISD.
Not only did they receive a new and improved rating but the district also has a new superintendent, Elida Bera.

Bera says the new 2019 school year is a time to be bold and that the community is coming together to take part in this change.

Superintendent Elida Bera says she knew about the F rating.

However, she says this was something that inspired her to join the Kingsville community.

“The community came together, the staff the administrators they all knew that we were changing that we had decided to do something radical, we had to do something radical in order to make a difference,” says Superintendent Bera.

To make that difference it was time to provide an education where the students were challenged, classes are rigorous, and lessons were meaningful and engaging.

Kingsville administration says when teachers are excited to work with these students that brings a whole different element to the classroom.

“I think once you form a relationship with a student, not that you will make excuses for why they do the things they do but, you will hold them to a higher standard,” says Bera.

Bera also says in the future the district plans to collaborate with Texas A&M University-Kingsville and other surrounding districts and plan to move toward the same distinctions.

“While the grade goes to the district I do have to say, that the teachers have a huge part, the students, I think once the students realize that we had higher expectations for them they stepped up,” says Bera.

With this new rating, the district has new hope and new administrators who are committed to student success.