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Homeowner shares how renovations are causing even more concerns

Posted at 11:18 PM, Feb 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-11 00:23:44-05

ROCKPORT, Texas — People in South Texas still are dealing with the effects of Hurricane Harvey, which destroyed many businesses and homes.

Some struggled to find the money to renovate, while others had to leave everything behind.

One man was able to receive a second chance to create new memories in his home.

However, he says contractors didn't do a good job, and his situation has now become a stressful one for him because many of the repairs have failed.

Richard Garcia felt fortunate to have received a grant from the Texas General Land Office to rebuild his home.

But this good news turned bad once JWTC construction, with a location in the Lower Rio Grande Valley area, was hired to do the project.

Major issues include: The house hovering over the foundation, roofing, and a noticeable septic tank with broken pipes.

“It's just terrible," Garcia said. "They broke the vents, are on the wrong places -- they were in the closets instead of the restrooms where they're supposed to be. The plumbing was wrong -- I just had nothing but a nightmare."

Garcia called JWTC for answers, yet has not heard a response from the company. Garcia also reached out to the GLO, and was reminded to follow the "Responsibility of the Homeowner" section in his contract, which states that Garcia cannot interfere with the contractor's work.

Garcia hopes this situation will get resolved and that he gets the home he was promised.

“Sometimes I wish I never got the house, because my house was better than the one I got now,” he said.

Garcia is not allowed to sell or make upgrades to the home, and is bound by a three-year contract with the program.

Our Action 10 News team called JWTC construction. So far, we have not heard back from the construction company.