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BBB Investigates Local Roofing Business

BBB and Action Ten Investigate Local Business and Owner
Posted at 4:08 PM, Oct 01, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-01 20:50:46-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Some may recognize the face or name Amanda Cruz.
Some may know her as Amanda Guerrero.
Others as Amanda Ynfante.
Or Amanda Espinosa.

Each of those names match her date of birth and reveal, according to this Nueces County Criminal Case search, a litany of charges.
Many for hot checks.
Some for theft of property.

But in February, the Better Business Bureau began investigating Amanda Cruz's business, Texas Premier Roofing.
"There was numerous complaints regarding the workmanship of the company," said BBB Regional Director Jason Meza. "And many of those complaints went unanswered."

Norma Atkinson is one of the customers who complained.
She hired Cruz's business, in April, to put a new roof on her home.
Here's Cruz's recollection of what happened on this job.
"Whenever we tore of the roof off, we found that there was a lot of issues with the decking. And whenever she was told about the issues, and we told her that it was going to be more money, she stated that she wasn't gonna pay anymore money. That in fact, she wasn't going to pay us at all."

Atkinson remembers Cruz, and her husband, kept asking her for more money, even tho she claims she paid them a total of $6000.00, and they never finished the work.
"If you don't give us the money, we're gonna put a lien on your house. And I kind of panicked, and I said, well for what ? He said for breach of contract. I said no. The ones that have breached the contract are y'all."

There's a house on the city's west side, listed as the Texas Premier Roofing main office.
No one answered the door.
Miss Cruz tells us her business is out of business.

Cruz also confirmed that in march, she was convicted of theft of property, and is on 5 years probation.
As far as those hot checks, she claims that's been taken care of.
But she denies using the aliases, except for her maiden name, Guerrero.

Atkinson has filed a police report on Cruz and Texas Premier Roofing, and says she's been told it will take awhile before anything's done on this case.
The BBB says their investigation is over. It's now in the hands of law enforcement.
Tonight at ten, we'll show you the BBB's guidelines everyone should follow when looking for a contractor.