District 2 residents hope runoff candidates fix streets, sidewalks and infrastructure

Early voting for runoff elections beginning Dec. 3
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Posted at 11:03 AM, Dec 02, 2022

District 2 City Council candidates Mark Scott and Sylvia Campos said they will help neighborhoods, streets and parks among other important issues.

With early voting for runoff elections starting Dec. 3, some residents in Corpus Christi's District 2 are hoping actions are put towards fixing their sidewalks and streets.

“This is a great neighborhood, it’s historic as far as I know. It’s a great place to live just needs up keep," Alison Schusch said.

“Generations have lived here and it would be good to keep that legacy going. So your homeowners have their responsibility to maintain their property, but the city also has their obligation to maintain this infrastructure," John Barron, who lives in District 2, said.

Campos said like all elections, this one is important for voters to pick who they want to represent the heart of Corpus Christi.

She told us they’re expecting about 1,500 people to show up and vote in the runoff election.

“We’ve been advocating that people, parks and of course, prosperity is part of that to be first. And that has not changed. We have made sure our streets, senior centers, our parks were primary and it has not been for the longest time," Campos said.

Scott, who has been a city councilman in the past said he wants to focus on neighborhoods for District 2. We spoke to him ahead of the general election last month.

“For the most part, our conversation has been about, great cities are born on the shoulders of great neighborhoods, so really, it’s about great neighborhoods. What does that mean? It means improving neighborhood streets, improving neighborhood parks, and that implies some code enforcement issues," Scott said. "I think we want to get the police force into the neighborhoods, which I think they do a good job of, anyhow. But, we certainly need to spend more energy on neighborhood streets."

Early voting for runoff elections begins Saturday December 3 and regular voting is Dec. 13th.