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Woman wants city to clean up mess on Nile Drive

Posted at 5:40 PM, Jan 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-03 19:03:53-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Beth Hughes is tired of cleaning up after the the City of Corpus Christi's contractor left a mess in front of her home.

"It looked like it was a hurry-up job," Hughes said. "They left and they left a big mess."

She lives on Nile Drive in between SPID and McArdle. Hughes has a damaged water meter, asphalt mixed with yellow paint along the road and a dug-up lawn.

"Why should I have to clean up after your mess?" Hughes said.

After the city installed traffic lights at the Nile/McArdle intersection a few months ago, they went back to redo the yellow road markings on Nile. Hughes said this was a couple days before Christmas.

"We take a walk and we see a little paint everywhere and asphalt," she said. "I've kind of slipped on because it's that big of a pile. All along between our house and passed McArdle."

After a machine ran over her water meter, it broke and caused a leak.

"We did hear from the water people," she said. "The very next day they came out. They walked up to the door and said to me, 'If it's on our side, we fix it. If it's on the other side, you'll have to get in contact with contractor that did the work and have them repair it.'"

She said the next day the water leak was fixed. But she has collected a five-gallon bucket of asphalt and paint, her water meter is still damaged and dug up and a large road work sign was left laying in her yard.

"I would like it cleaned," she said. "We cleaned in front of my house, my son and I, when I realized no street people were coming and nobody from the city was coming. And it was going to rain and I was worried it was going to clog up the drains."

City officials immediately sent this statement to Action 10 News:

"The City is aware of the situation and is working closely with the contractor to get the site cleaned up as soon as possible."

UPDATE: Hughes contacted Action 10 News to say the city had a crew out in her neighborhood Friday afternoon to clean up the mess.