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Who is the couple on the billboard near Ayers street?

Posted at 8:54 PM, Aug 06, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-06 21:54:26-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A billboard without an advertisement, or a business name, but instead, with a little creative freedom.

The billboard on Ayers street features Julian Gonzales Jr. and his wife Patricia Gonzales, a pair of Corpus Christi love birds.

“I never thought we'd be on a billboard,” said Julian. “Maybe as ‘most wanted’ or something like that but I hope not.”

They're definitely not on the 'most wanted' list, but in their family, they may be the most loved.

The Gonzales' birthday's both fall in July, and as a gift their two kids took them out to dinner; keeping their billboard a celebratory surprise.

“During our dinner they came and told us there is something else we have for you and we thought nothing of it,” said Patricia. “It's at night, but we put our car lights on there and we get to see our board and it was just like wow these kids of ours, I got a bit emotional, but I tried to hold it in.”

“I felt surprised you know it got me too,” said Julian.

The Gonzales are also celebrating 43 years together. They're both Miller High School graduates, and so are their kids. Together they've created a life deeply rooted in the Coastal Bend.

“I retired from Cintas the uniform people, put in 25 years,” said Julian.

“I worked with CCISD,” said Patricia. “I started from the bottom from food service all the way up to clerk for 28 years.”

But the couple says at least once a year they leave Corpus Christi and enjoy their joint birthday or what they consider ‘the stars aligning’.

“We go out of town, we're gamblers, so we can spend her birthday and my birthday at the same place, same time,” said Julian.

“We'll always be winners as long as my honey and I are together we'll always be winners,” said Patricia.

The billboard will be up until the last week of August. The Gonzales are now retired and say they like to spend most of their time enjoying their 6 grandkids.