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Veterans find new homes before Dec. 31 eviction

Posted at 6:54 PM, Dec 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-16 20:41:55-05

FULTON, Texas — Three veterans will be celebrating the holidays this month instead of dreading eviction.

In October, we told you how their RV park was transitioning to retirement villas, leaving them with a deadline to get out.

Thanks to the Coastal Bend's support, these men have new homes.

Residents at the Dunes Retirement Community and Cottages in Fulton received the letter about the transition in October.

Three of the residents -- who are veterans -- have relocated to new RV parks 15 days before the eviction deadline.

"Believe it or not, yes, it all worked out," said Coastal Bend Combat Veterans Association commander Jack Nyitrai.

Veteran Herb Arevalo received a new trailer before eviction.

"A door closed, a better door opened," Arevalo said. "I am extremely happy, and I thank the Combat Vet Association."

That's because the Coastal Bend Combat Veterans Association stepped up to help these men.

"We raised a little over $13,000," Nyitrai said. "Which covered the expenses of relocating the one trailer and getting these trailers on-location and set up. Plus, a handful of other stuff we had to do to facilitate making all this happen."

He said one local business -- who wants to remain anonymous -- purchased the two trailers for them. They are worth about $15,000 each. One of the veterans, David Bayless, was able to successfully relocate his trailer to another RV park.

"This is probably the biggest thing that our chapter has taken on and it's really good to actually turn it into a success," Nyitrai said.

Arevalo and veteran Bob Icke's new trailers have been placed right next to each other at the Fulton Oaks RV Park.

"Bob and I, believe it or not, have been neighbors for 10 years," Arevalo said. "So either he can't let me go or I won't let him go."

Arevalo said he looks forward to moving in and decorating his new place.

"I got my egg nog ready and I'm going to celebrate a beautiful Christmas," he said.