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The non-profit Burn Pits 360 partners with comedian and activist Jon Stewart

The non-profit Burn Pits 360 partners with comedian and activist Jon Stewart
Posted at 1:04 AM, Sep 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-18 02:12:10-04

ROBSTOWN, Texas — The non-profit organization Burn Pits 360 work very hard to help veterans get back on their feet.

The organization recently gained a new partnership with a big personality.

Volunteers with Burn Pits 360 do their best to fight for heroes who may feel like they have been forgotten. Comedian and activist Jon Stewart has joined their efforts to help our unsung heroes. Stewart is a spokesperson in an awareness video for Burn Pits 360.

“This new public service announcement-I just ask the community to share it with your loved ones, your friends I think as a nation we owe it to our war heroes, it's a moral obligation to take care of them,” says Burn Pits 360 Executive Director Rosie Torres.

Volunteers with Burn Pits 360 say they hope this video will help educate the public on how the burning of trash, rubber, hazardous, and human waste can release toxins in the air.

When inhaling these toxins, that can cause major sickness like lung disease or certain cancers to these war heroes.

The video calls for those who need help, to know that you're not fighting this battle alone.

"You deserve more than the country's gratitude for your service you deserve full medical benefits to help you with your illness together we're going to work to get you justice," says Stewart.

Volunteers say they are thankful for this new partnership with all efforts to aid these war heroes.

The non-profit says they look forward to working with Stewart with future projects.