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South Side business' trash continues to fly into fed up neighbors property

Posted at 6:39 PM, Dec 23, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-23 19:48:36-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A local man says he's fed up with all the trash that blows over from a neighboring business. He says he's confronted the owner several times, but says the problem isn't getting fixed.

“I don't mind picking up trash,” said Pedro Gaete. “I know mother nature blows hard sometimes but I just can't do it every day.”

Gaete lives on South Staples behind the Blossom Shop Florist. Since he moved into his house in 2013, he says he's had issues with trash blowing into and staying all over his yard.

“Plastic bags, the real fine paper that they use to wrap the flowers, the receipts with personal information,” said Gaete.

He says on most days, he would just pick up the trash himself, but lately he's seen more and more trash fly over. Now, not only is it causing a buildup of trash, but it's costing him money because his mowing tractor keeps breaking down.

“It's already the second time that my tractor goes out its about $300 to $400 dollars to get it fixed,” said Gaete.

He's gone over to talk to the owner, trying to come up with a solution for them both, but he says nothing has changed.

“Move the dumpsters in front of the property and he told me ‘no’ because all the trash was going to be staying in the front of the property,” said Gaete. “I told him the easy way to do it is to get a trash bag and tie it down; end of story. Nothing happened.”

I stopped at the flower shop and spoke to the owner myself, who claims he's done his fair share of trying to help his neighbors.

He said he's tried moving the dumpsters several times and even sent workers to Gaete's house to pick up some of the trash

“He told me he was going to send people to my property and pick up the trash but since I work out of town, I don't want strange people coming to my property,” said Gaete. “I've got two little girls; my wife and I just don't feel comfortable with it.”

Gaete says the real solution would be to build a fence around the dumpster, so things don't keep flying out.

We've reached out to code enforcement, we'll continue to follow this story and update you.