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Shopping convenience made easy with technology

Posted at 5:19 PM, Nov 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-26 19:16:56-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — When it comes to shopping, you either love it or hate it, right?
During the holidays, with today's technology, shoppers have even more flexibility.
People are always looking to save time and money and while we can't put a price on convenience -- these days it most definitely starts in the palm of our hand.
Just the other day shopper Nicolle Davis said she ordered groceries from the comfort of her bed.
"I was actually sick with the stomach bug and I needed soup," Davis said. "So I just ordered an came and picked up curbside."
H-E-B said there is a trend in shoppers looking for even more convenience when shopping.
H-E-B Gulf Coast Public Affairs Specialist Bobby Rodriguez said H-E-B is always trying to ease the shopper's experience.
"We have our curbside that's available for customers to use and within curbside you can come to the store and pick up your groceries or get them delivered straight to your home," Rodriguez said.
Rodriguez said people want other people to do the shopping for them.
"During the holidays, curbside is a really good opportunity for customers to use," Rodriguez said. "It allows them to spend more time with their families and get to bond with them. So not having to worry about grocery shopping and let somebody else do that for them."
Davis, who is a teacher, said having the convenience of grocery pick up and deliveries has not only changed her shopping habits, it has also given her a weekend job -- through an online app called Ship Shop. She said she will go through the "craziness" of shopping so customers don't have to.
"I get the order on my phone and it will tell me like what kind of items people need," Davis said. "And then I'll go and say okay if it's from 12 to 1 and I'm not busy...I'll go shopping."
At Sam's Club, customers have the option to skip the lines with a new time-saving feature called Scan and Go.
With the app, they can scan items as they shop and pay from their phones.
Despite technology making shopping more convenient, there are still shoppers who want to hold onto their own carts.
"I like to stick to traditional," shopper Scott Rhoades said. "Being able to pick out the products I want."