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Alice girls' lemonade stand raises money for outdoor "little library"

Posted at 6:50 PM, Jan 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-02 21:44:18-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A local family owned business in Alice is putting on a lemonade stand tomorrow.

And the proceeds are going towards building a small outdoor library available to anyone in the community.

We don't really hear of people putting on a lemonade stand in the winter much less on rainy days, but as unusual as it is, two little girls are doing just that in Alice.

“Cause it’s so fun,” said Elena Lennox Friedeck.

But not only because it's fun, but because they want to help other kids in their community.

They'll be selling lemonade for $1 a cup, and all the money they make will go to pay to build a "little library" on the South side of Alice.

“For family literacy and to promote reading education on the south side of town,” their mother Amanda Friedeck said.

She says it was their idea. Their family business, Silver Star Food Store, will be there to support them.

“They love to read,” said Friedeck. “For Elliott, it’s her first year of AR and this is kind of her project and Elena is just kind of learning the ropes.”

“To help, to help kids learn how to read,” said Elliott Friedeck.

People can drop off books they want to share with others at the Silver Star Food Store or at the "little library," and the books taken don't have to be returned.

“Help kids get books that might not get to go to the library or kids who might not have books at home and so this is a way that they can recycle books,” Friedeck said.

The cost to buy the equipment and pay for the manual labor to install the little library will be between $300 to $400.

The Friedeck family says they hope community members will come out to enjoy a glass of fresh lemonade, because after all, the little library will benefit everyone.

The lemonade sale will be at noon Friday at the Silver Star Food Store in Alice, 909 S. Cameron St.