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Local church says the post office neglected to deliver its mail for weeks

Posted at 5:11 PM, Sep 26, 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — “We went from getting mail to then sporadically getting mail to then not getting mail at all,” said Rebecca Hope, office manager at Wesley United Methodist Church.

Church officials say it started with a major decrease in the amount of mail it was receiving, then it turned into phone calls from company's asking why the church wasn't paying its bills.

Hope says the construction on Gollihar and Weber roads made it hard for post office workers to access the church. But she didn't realize that meant they would stop delivering mail all together.

“We were told that the drivers and the post people wouldn't change their route specifically for one business which would be us and that kind of made us upset,” Hope said.

After Hope says she received no help from the post office she reached out to a friend who works for the post office about the issue. Hope says it wasn't until then that she was able to start getting ail delivered to the church again.

“They came in with two huge totes of mail,” said Hope. “I had all these past due notices and these complaints, and it just spiraled out of control.”

Inside the two totes, Hope says she found important letters to the church along with $1800 worth of tithes; funds the church uses to stay open

“We operate Sunday to Sunday and so every little bit helps,” she said.

She says the church is still receiving mail, but it is concerned the issue isn't permanently fixed.

“The street opened back up and then they started delivering our mail again," Hope said. "Even then, I notice that we weren’t getting all of our mail and mail is what triggers me to pay some of our bills or do bank reconciliation,” she said.

We called the local postmaster and did not hear back.