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Flour Bluff ISD apologies to parent after son's hair was cut

Posted at 7:17 PM, Nov 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-22 20:17:02-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Does a school instructor have the right to cut a student's hair?
That is one father's concern after his son's hair was cut off by an instructor at Flour Bluff High School.
Action 10 News shared this father's story on Thursday.
The district has since acknowledged they were wrong and apologized.
NJROTC students are expected to have a clean cut appearance and meet military uniform standards.
"It doesn't state anywhere that they have the permission or the right to cut their hair off," Ken Benham said about the NJROTC instructor cutting his son's hair without permission.
Benham said Flour Bluff ISD is expected to give students an education and not a makeover.
"And using clippers from God knows where they came from," Benham said.
Benham said he didn't get a phone call or a letter from the school about the school issuing haircuts.
In a statement, Flour Bluff ISD officials said students were verbally told they would get a haircut in class if they didn't receive one before uniform inspection day.
"Most of the students who received a haircut in class either requested the haircut or parent permission was given. A few parents were not notified," the statement read. "District and campus administrators have spoken with the parents who were upset and issued apologies."
The question on hand is, was it legal for the school to physically approach this student and cut his hair off -- especially without a license from the state?
"The district is currently reviewing the processes and procedures of the Flour Bluff High School NJROTC program," the statement continued. "And necessary adjustments will be made to ensure requirements of the program and polices of the campus are in alignment."
The story received a lot of attention on social media. At the end of the day, Benham said, it's not about his son's appearance -- it is about the school handling a situation they are not qualified for and putting their hands on his son.
"They don't just do what they want to do with our kids," he said.
Flour Bluff ISD officials declined an on-camera interview and have yet to respond to additional emails and texts.