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Dozens of children in low-income housing may not receive Christmas presents this year

Posted at 8:00 PM, Dec 16, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-18 10:30:22-05

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Each year, one low-income housing complex gives toys away to its resident kids. But this year they've hit a road block, and now they're worried the neighborhood kids may not receive anything for Christmas.

Here at Lantana Square Gardens, Santa Claus doesn't wear a red suit.

For the past few years, Brenda Rivera, a resident of the apartment complex, has worked with the property managers to bring gifts and entertainment to the kids in her neighborhood for the holidays.

“I mean just seeing the smile on the childrens' faces is why I do this,” said Rivera.

But this year, their annual Christmas party hit a roadblock when Rivera says the person in charge of planning the event, unexpectedly left.

“I found out on Friday, that she up-and-quit,” said Rivera.

And took Christmas with them.

“Not the dinner, not Santa Claus to come, no gifts or anything,” said Rivera.

The apartment complex is a 501-C property, more commonly known as low-income housing.

Rivera says many of the children who live here look forward to, and depend on, the event.

“Some of these children, sometimes, it may be the only gift that they receive,” said Rivera.

There are about 70 kids that live in this low-income housing complex, who Rivera says will probably go without gifts this year if nothing is done.

So, she's pleading for the public’s help to find anyway to provide these kids with some Christmas cheer.

“I’m reaching out, I know its last minute but if there’s someone out there who can help these children then that’s all I’m asking for,” said Rivera.

Rivera says the Christmas party is scheduled for Wednesday.

If you’d like to donate toys you can reach Brenda Matute at