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BBQ joint keeps trucking with 'Hole in the Wall' Special

Posted at 5:41 PM, Oct 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-03 19:19:34-04

MATHIS, Texas — When life hands you lemons, they say make lemonade. After a sour weekend, one local restaurant owner is making a baby back rib special.
This comes after an 18-wheeler crashed into Andrew Soto's building Sunday night leaving a hole in the wall.

Butter's B.B.Q. in Mathis -- located at 104 TX 359 -- is described by locals like this:

"Little town, big barbecue. I will tell you that," Jacob Gonzalez, a self-proclaimed barbecue aficionado said.

That same little town came together to help the small business replace one of their walls after it was knocked down by a hit and run driver.

"It's been completely humbling," Butter's B.B.Q. Owner Andrew Soto said. It's nice to see, you know, that still does exist in small towns like this."
Soto has been in business for two years and has already made a name for himself after being named a Texas Monthly Top 25 BBQ joint.

He said despite the damage, he had to find the comedy in the tragedy.

"The 'hole in the wall,' you know, that's like a slang for a really good small-type restaurant," Soto said. "So I thought it was kind of fitting in a sense that we actually had a hole ripped in our wall."

So when he opened his doors Thursday at 11 a.m. he had the "Hole in the Wall" special ready to serve.

"It is baby back ribs cooked fajita-style on a tortilla," Randy Pearce, a customer said. Pearce snapped a picture the instant he got his food and posted it on Instagram, calling it "one of my favorite places in the world."
Soto said he will be serving the special through the weekend and depending on how well it does, he well then decide if it will become a staple on his menu.

"We've been to a bunch of famous barbecue places, but this is on the top," Gonzalez said.
Soto said despite the damage that still needs repairs -- he wanted to open during regular business hours -- Thursday through Sunday until the food runs out.
He said he is not mad at the person who did it, he just wished that person took responsibility and came forward. He said especially considering he is a small business.

"We were able to get past it and luckily -- and most importantly -- nobody was hurt," Soto said.

Soto said there's still no update on who the driver is. The 18-wheeler is described as a white, late '90s model, Peterbilt truck with out a license plate.
If you have information you can call the Mathis City Police Department at (361) 547-2113.