Search warrant details for ME's office, what was taken and why

Posted at 8:55 PM, Apr 14, 2022

The 6 investigates team obtained the search warrant for the Nueces County Medical Examiner's office, and we now know what was taken from the office, and why.

The search warrant alleges the ME's office administrator allegedly intercepted communications to gain information from witnesses in an ongoing criminal investigation. This, after she oversaw the installation of security cameras throughout the office.

During an interview with four ME employees, Texas Ranger Patrick O'Connor said in the application for the warrant, that those employees claim they had a conversation behind closed doors.

Later, Texas Rangers said the administrator spoke with them and brought up points from that conversation.

The employees asked Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Adel Shaker if the cameras had audio and if it was installed on the office administrator's personal phone.

The Texas Rangers stated he nodded "yes."

Six investigates received an email the office administrator sent to county leaders.

"For some time, I have been the prime target along with previous employee(s) and have been subjected to continuous unfounded allegations of corruption within this office," she said in the email.