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New Starburst Airs Are Aerated, Gummy Versions Of The Classic Candies

New Starburst Airs Are Aerated, Gummy Versions Of The Classic Candies
Posted at 9:05 AM, Sep 07, 2021

From heart-shaped jelly beans for Valentine’s Day to bags of just the pink ones and even a version with two flavors in one, Starburst is no stranger to reinventing its chewy candies.

The brand’s latest creation, however, is unlike anything it has made before. Starburst Airs feature an “inflated texture” that creates a bouncy, squishy gummy that’s a mix of Starburst and other classic gummy treats.

Packaged in the four flavors of traditional Starburst (cherry, lemon, strawberry and orange) or a tropical mix (sour kiwi, strawberry, pineapple, passion fruit and mango), Starburst Airs will hit shelves at select retailers this fall, but will eventually be sold nationwide in 2022.

Mars, Inc.

This is the second Mars, Inc. candy to be turned into a gummy in less than a year. Last November, the confectioner announced Skittles Gummies, marking the first time that chewy candy was made into an actual gummy form in its long history.

Skittles Gummies come in two different flavor packs: Original (strawberry, green apple, lemon, orange and grape) and Wild Berry (berry punch, strawberry, melon berry, wild cherry and raspberry).

Mars, Inc

With Halloween quickly approaching, you’ll actually find tons of new candies hitting store shelves now and in the months to come.

When it comes to other gummy treats, Haribo has some Halloween-themed packs, like Ghostly Gummies, which has bats, pumpkins, skulls and skeletons or Sour Vampire Bats, bat-shaped gummies in sour flavors like black currant & sweet cherry, orange & sweet cherry and green apple & cherry.


You’ll also find new sour Skittles Shriekers, Nerds candy corn and tons of goodies from Hershey, including the return of their Vampire Kisses and Witches Brew Kit Kats. This year, you can even buy a tub of 375 Reese’s at Sam’s Club for handing out to trick-or-treaters (or keeping for yourself).

Dylan’s Candy Bar also has some fun treats this year, like a Haunted House Cookie Kit and a Halloween Surprise Smash Pumpkin that’s filled with chocolate pretzels, gummy worms and more.

If you’re more into snacks than candy, even Pringles is getting in on the Halloween fun by making its signature canisters glow in the dark! Both the ‘Sour Scream & Onion’ and ‘Oooriginal’ cans will glow in the dark for a fun addition to a party when you turn out the lights.


What spooky treats are you picking up for Halloween 2021?

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