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Mom Has Been Wearing A Buzz Lightyear Helmet To Run Errands During Coronavirus

Mom Has Been Wearing A Buzz Lightyear Helmet To Run Errands During Coronavirus
Posted at 10:00 AM, Apr 20, 2020

The Centers for Disease Control are now recommending that Americans wear cloth face coverings when out in public places to help slow the spread of COVID-19. As commercial masks have been difficult to come by, people have been getting creative in coming up with their own face coverings with items they have at home.

While bandanas and scarves are popular choices, one North Carolina mom veered off the beaten path when fashioning her own face covering. Kelly Hogan Painter is a mom of three, and when it came time to make an essential trip to the grocery store, she looked around her home for something that could serve as a mask and found a great solution: a Buzz Lightyear helmet.

While it might look a little silly, the “Toy Story” character’s astronaut helmet with a retractable shield worked pretty well for Painter’s purposes.

Check it out in the photo she posted to Facebook:

“Even Buzz knows it’s better to be safe than sorry during peak season,” she wrote on Facebook. “Y’all please stay safe! #sendhelp2020”

When Painter was looking around her house for a face covering, the quick-thinking mom says she was faced with a decision.

“It was either Buzz or Chewbacca,” she told HuffPost of her options for character masks. “And Buzz was more practical.”

While we’re not sure if experts would approve of the helmet as opposed to a cloth covering, we admire her ingenuity!

On April 16, Painter shared a post from a Facebook page called Emotions that featured pictures of creative face masks, including her own:

And the masks that some other folks came up with were, as Painter observed, “hilarious.”

This guy went for an edible option by strapping an onion over his nose and mouth:

Even though you don’t need to cover your eyes for protection, this woman donned a bedazzled ski mask along with her nose and mouth covering:

Meanwhile, another woman chose a dog mask. Don’t worry — she doesn’t bite!

Too funny! Have you seen any creative face-covering solutions where you live?

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