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This 20-Year-Old Garden Center Worker Keeps 400 Houseplants In His 1-Bedroom Home

This 20-Year-Old Garden Center Worker Keeps 400 Houseplants In His 1-Bedroom Home
Posted at 10:41 AM, Apr 17, 2020

Just when I thought I’d seen the peak of the millennial plant-parents craze, the next generation comes along and gets up in the middle of the night to water orchids.

A 20-year-old man in Loughborough, England, who works at a garden center has amassed an impressive collection of tropicals, cactuses and succulents. He has so many plants he’s had to create space for people to walk through the doorways of his converted coach house.

Joe Bagley has more than 400 plants in his one-bedroom home, according to many posts on his popular Instagram, @UKhouseplants. He spends several hours every day watering and feeding them, Unilad reported, and he told the outlet he’s even gotten up at 1 a.m. after having a feeling that one of his orchids needed an extra drink.

If you follow him on Instagram, though, you can see how all of that tireless work is paying off in gorgeous greenery:–/

Bagley shares advice for maintaining healthy house plants, and if you scroll through his Instagram account, you’ll see he’s covered a wide variety of flora.

Though his home is small, Bagley makes the most of the space and has plants in every nook and cranny, including in the bathtub, which you can see in this post.

Monsteras and umbrella plants dominate one room, ZZ plants and palms crowd in another corner, while fiddle-leaf figs, pilea and Christmas cacti pop up elsewhere in snapshots of his home, which he calls the Coach House.

As you can see from this video he posted in February, it’s basically a jungle in there!

Bagley told Unilad his houseplant obsession began when his grandmother gave him cuttings from a spider plant when he was 13. (You could say she created a monstera!) Now, she thinks he has too many plants. So he now has to sneak plants into his house because he doesn’t want his grandmother, who lives nearby, to see him bringing more rooted roommates home.

As someone who is feeding a small plant obsession myself, I say to keep smuggling those plants in, Joe!

Here’s the best part, though: If your own thumb is far from green, Bagley will happily dish out advice on caring for your own houseplants. He answers plant-care questions on social media and through his website, which is also a repository of information on caring for various houseplants.

As you can see from this post, he welcomes all questions, no matter how “lame” they may be.

You can also find many houseplant tips on his website,


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