Local parents throw "car parade" birthday parties for kids while social distancing

Posted at 3:10 PM, Mar 31, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-31 16:10:17-04

While businesses remain closed some Coastal Bend parents aren’t letting that stop them from throwing birthday parties for their kids.

In fact, it’s turning out to be a memorable year for some children.

“I felt kind of weird” said 7-year-old Elana Reyes laughing.

Social distancing is how Elana celebrated her birthday this year.

“Originally we had a big party planned at a jumpy place, and we were gonna do a big party with her sister and we were gonna invite her whole class and all of our family and friends,” said her mother, Yvette Reyes.

But, as the spread of the Coronavirus continued and orders to ‘Stay-at-Home’ went into effect, Reyes says she became nervous her original plans wouldn’t work out.

“Oh no, I don’t know what I’m gonna do for Elana’s birthday and its already tomorrow,” said Reyes.

Until her friends who are also parents suggested they have a drive by birthday parade.

“We had set up the little pool in the front yard for her and all of sudden you hear all of this honking,” said Reyes.

“Screaming and all these cars with streamers and balloons, and all the neighbors came out and it was really super special and Elana was very surprised.”

“I think It was all about her still making her feel really special and loved.”

Now, Reyes says all of Elana’s friends have expressed they want a birthday parade this year too.

“I have very amazing mom friends that come through like that for our children they were so emotional about it they were crying in their own cars,” said Reyes.

“It was really a memory I don’t think she’ll ever forget.”