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Try This Tray Trick For Kitchen Counter Organization

Try This Tray Trick For Kitchen Counter Organization
Posted at 8:30 AM, Jan 03, 2023

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As the central hub of many houses, the kitchen always seems to be busy with people going in and out. As a result, clutter seems to pile up pretty quickly, whether it’s from cooking or just dishes, food and prep tools being left laying around.

If all the scattered items around your kitchen drive you crazy, then you might want to consider one of the easiest kitchen counter organization tricks we’ve seen to take back control.


The secret weapon for battling kitchen clutter in this case is a simple tray. This idea comes from Katie Holdefehr, a staff writer at Real Simple. Instead of investing in a whole kitchen counter-organization system or learning a complicated strategy to keep everything in perfect order, Holdefehr talks about how simplicity will bring peace to a chaotic kitchen.

“The basic idea: Instead of constantly fighting against the clutter that naturally collects on your kitchen counter, corral it,” she wrote for the magazine. “Invest in a tray (or multiple trays) that are strategically sized to fit your counter and the type of clutter you typically struggle with.”

The trays act as catch-alls or places to neatly store anything that gets left out.

Different trays can serve different functions and we have a rundown of recommended options for specific tasks or clutter in the kitchen. From cooking necessities to the mail, there’s a tray that can serve a purpose. You will likely need a few different trays to keep things in line. But, it’s an inexpensive way to sort your piles and pretty them up while they wait for your attention.

Here are some of our top picks for kitchen counter-organization trays to help you stay on top of your stuff!

TB Home Two-Tier Bamboo Lazy Susan Turntable ($20)


You get two stacked trays in this $20 deal on Amazon. Each tray measures 10 inches in diameter and the lazy susan design makes it easy to rotate them. Each tray also has a raised rim to prevent bottles or jars from falling off the edge. Two tiers give maximum storage ability with minimal space requirements.

Valet Tray Storage Organizer ($9)


“Where are my keys?”

If you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve asked that question while frantically searching the house, then pick up this tray that’s small and stylish. Its compact design fits well in every room and serves as the perfect landing spot for your daily essentials including car keys, wallet, watch and glasses. It’s less than $10 at Amazon.

Rustic Willow Basket Trays, Set of 3 ($20)


Chasing all the papers might be the most daunting part of keeping up with kitchen counter organization. Bills, school papers, mail and more seem to multiply overnight. But, by putting the piles of paperwork in these decorative trays, you can keep them out of sight and also sorted for purpose, deadline or whatever way you choose. Grab all three for $20 from Walmart.

Mmucco 8-Piece Storage Kitchen Organization Tray Set ($25)


Sometimes you just need a place for catch-all items. This 8-piece tray set from Walmart can give everyone in the family their own spot to collect odds and ends inside that disorganized kitchen drawer until they return to their rightful places. Included are two large trays, three medium containers and three smaller boxes to hold a variety of things. You can fit them inside existing drawers or just use them for kitchen counter organization.

Here’s to less clutter in the new year!

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