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King Charles kicks off Eurovision semi-final: How to watch the contest

The Eurovision song contest expects around 160 million viewers from around the world to watch and vote. The semi-final will be streamed from England.
King Charles kicks off Eurovision semi-final: How to watch the contest
Posted at 8:36 PM, May 09, 2023

On Tuesday, just  days after his coronation was broadcast around the world, King Charles III and Queen Camilla went to Liverpool, England to help kick off the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest's semi-final.

The two royals were just there last month at Liverpool Arena to observe and greet staff as the contest's stage lighting was being tested and shown to the public for the first time. The visits are moments to be in front of the cameras and greet the public as the new heads of the British royal family become a more common sight for the world after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The royals' welcome in Liverpool wasn't all warm. Over the weekend, fans of Liverpool's football team reportedly booed when an anthem to honor the new King was played. The English Premier League had sent a request earlier to five of the clubs hosting games over the weekend strongly suggesting they play "God Save the King" before the games began. 

While there may be division over which UK royal the public favors most, the Eurovision Song Contest has traditionally been a moment when Europe — and now a post-Brexit Britain — comes together with a common love for music and the many cultures of the continent. The song contest has been watched for almost 70 years since its inception in the 1950s. 

Britain was chosen as this year's host for the contest after Ukraine was unable to host because of its fight against a military invasion by Russia. 

The first semi-final for the song contest was scheduled to take place on Tuesday May 9, with the second semi-final scheduled for Thursday May 11 and the "Grand Final" to be streamed and broadcast on Saturday May 13. 

In the United States, fans can watch on Peacock TV

The song contest is also streamed over YouTube, but fans could have to make various technological arrangements depending on which country they are watching the stream from. 

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