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This Husband Gave His Wife A Birthday Cake Shaped Like An Amazon Package And It Looks So Real

This Husband Gave His Wife A Birthday Cake Shaped Like An Amazon Package And It Looks So Real
Posted at 9:41 AM, Jul 29, 2019

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to do most of my shopping online, ensuring that my skin remains untouched by sun or sweat and that the majority of my social interactions take place with either my cat or my computer screen. As such, those brown boxes from Amazon show up on my doorstep quite often — sometimes several times a week.

So I can relate to the story of photographer Emily McGuire, who self-identifies as a “proud” Amazon shopper, and who receives, most weeks, as many as two or three Amazon packages.

I don’t know, however, that my husband is quite as forgiving of my compulsive shopping as McGuire’s husband is.

On July 19, McGuire posted a pic to Facebook of the silly birthday surprise she received from her husband, Waylon.

“When you order a lot from Amazon,” she wrote, “you get an Amazon box cake.”

She supplemented this status update with several hashtags, including, “#hubbydidgood.”

But it’s the photo that’s the stunner. The cake looks so life-like, I’m not sure how I would feel if I received one myself: delighted and amused, or disappointed that it didn’t actually contain those two cookbooks and the mattress pad I’d ordered the day before.

People online were loving it, especially after the post caught the eyes of those behind several popular Facebook pages, who shared the pics, causing them to go viral. Over at Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons, for example, the post received 27,000 likes, 19,000 shares, and 16,000 comments.

The cake itself was made by Sweet Dreams Bakery in Dunn, North Carolina. We bow down to the bakers there for getting every single detail done right, down to the Amazon Prime packing tape and the USPS mailing label.

McGuire tells CafeMom that when she first saw the cake, her response was, “pure laughter.”

“In that moment,” she says, “I knew my husband ‘gets me.'”

What do you think about this sweet surprise?

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