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Troubleshooters; Dry Cleaners Owner Shuts Down Business

Customers Ask Troubleshooters for Help Getting Clothes Back from Local Cleaners
Posted at 4:13 PM, Sep 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-20 16:50:04-04

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Marla Asbury tells us she and her husband have been bringing their clothes to the Super Discount Cleaners in the Regal Plaza on Saratoga for years.
But something happened when she showed up to pick up just a few days ago.
"And that's when I saw the note on the door. The doors locked, and all the furniture gone."

One of the signs Asbury saw read "due to owners health the business was closing temporarily."
There were also two other notes on the door, from the property management company.
One read 'you are in violation of your lease for non-payment of September rent which was due Monday, September 16th by 5 o'clock.'

"The management company says that you didn't pay the September rent. Is that true? Yes. That's true."
The Troubleshooters were able to speak with David Moon, owner of Super Discount on Saratoga.
A-1 Cleaners at Alameda near Robert, where a customer left a note on the door asking where they could pick up their clothes. And A-1 Cleaners at 5005 Everhart.
More on this one later.

Mr. Moon admitted us he's having medical issues, and just can't run his businesses.
"I have a severe case of depression, and then I can't keep my business going. So that's why I closed down. All the things that I can't handle. I can't handle. I'm dying every day.

Moon further told the Troubleshooters that customers with clothes at the store on Alameda could pick up their clothes at the Everhart store tomorrow, Thursday, between 10 and-5 p.m.
Today, we found the front door at the Everhart store unlocked.
The cash register cleaned out.
And some clothes waiting to be picked up, but mostly empty racks.

As for Asbury and other customers with clothes at the Saratoga store, Moon says they'll have to check with the management company because he can't go back inside.
We left two messages with Capital Management Company, but they've not responded yet.

"I just want the right thing done. I want my husband's clothes back, and for all the other customers who want the same thing."
By the way, the three stores have a pre-pay policy, so all the clothes inside are already paid for.