Troubleshooter Updates: Troubleshooters helping with contractors, government, and roof installed without permits

Troubleshooters Getting Results for Viewers Who Call with Complaints
Posted at 3:15 PM, Jul 15, 2019

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — There is new information on a Troubleshooters story we reported on Monday, June 24th.
Armando and Rosario Garza were re-imbursed 'most' of the $2887.00 owed them by Ryant Connelly.
On Monday, the Garza's received a check for $2788.00 from Connelly.
Yesterday, they tell us they received a check for the balance...$99.00.
And they're pleased about that.

This whole story stems from a check they had written to him in may for foundation work he did at their home in alice.
We spoke with Connelly's attorney, who promised the Garza's they'd get their money.
And they did.

On June 3rd, we did a story about a house on the Island.
We had received a complaint about the way the new roof had been put on.
Today, we've been told by CCPD that the owner of the house, Scott Schmidt, with Cozy Coastal Properties, was cited again, on June 12th, for work done without a permit

On June 3rd we reported the house was red tagged in November 2018.
And that Schmidt was cited in December 2018.
He paid a $543.00 fine earlier this year.

On the 4th of July, we did a story on problems a Robstown man's having with his social security check.
The government is taking $162.00 out of Fernando Romo's check each month, claiming the U-S Treasury Department has ordered them to do so because Romo has to repay a debt presumably to the Department of Defense.

He insists he has no idea where the debt is from.
He's contacted us, and Congressman Michael Cloud's office for help.

And we've started down that trail of government red tape.