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Georgia's new digital ID requires people to keep clothes on

Georgia now allows residents to use a digital ID at TSA checkpoints, but officials had to make one request of users.
Georgia's new digital ID requires people to keep clothes on
Posted at 1:09 PM, May 25, 2023

The Georgia Department of Driver Services is now allowing residents to download a digital driver’s license or ID to their iPhone, which can be used at TSA checkpoints. 

Within days of unveiling the new system, officials in Georgia were informing the public they need to keep their clothes on for their digital ID photo. 

The department posted a meme on Tuesday, saying, "Please wear clothes when taking your selfies for your Digital Driver’s License and IDs."

Photos for the digital IDs can be taken from home, unlike a standard driver’s license. The program is optional, and Georgians are still told to carry their physical ID or driver’s license. 

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"Get ready to reimagine the way you use your driver’s license. Over time, we expect the locations accepting Georgia Digital Driver’s License and IDs to grow, but we are excited now to allow customers the option to present their credentials easily and securely at TSA checkpoints," said DDS Commissioner Spencer R. Moore. "We value the opportunity to work with Apple and TSA to bring this convenience to our residents."

According to Apple, four states now have digital IDs that can be used at TSA checkpoints — Arizona, Colorado, Georgia and Maryland. After scanning the front and back of the physical driver’s license, users are then supposed to take a picture of themselves to confirm their identity. Then at a TSA checkpoint, a user can scan a digital ID using an iPhone or Apple Watch in lieu of a driver’s license. 

Scripps News reached out to DDS regarding this matter. They provided the following statement:

DDS recommends that all customers dress appropriately when taking a Georgia Digital Driver’s License or ID selfie. Customers should dress as if they are having their photo taken in person at a DDS Customer Service Center.

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