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Fitness Instructor Led An Exercise From A Rooftop For His Quarantined Neighbors

Posted at 3:30 PM, Mar 17, 2020

The mental health impact of COVID-19 cannot be overstated. People across the globe are fearful and anxious as they face long days of quarantine, but even in these difficult times, humans are finding ways to stay active and connected.

In Spain, a country that has implemented strict quarantine measures in order to limit the spread of coronavirus, a fitness instructor named Gonzalo led apartment-dwellers in a group workout session. Standing on a nearby rooftop deck, Gonzalo (who is an instructor with the fitness center Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales) demonstrated exercises for homebound Spaniards, as he lunged, squatted and jumped his way across the courtyard.

Watch the inspiring video captured by Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales’s Instagram account @sanosevillabermejales below:

People of all ages joined in the calorie-busting routine, as they watched from their balconies overlooking the rooftop deck. The caption accompanying the video says, “This is how @gonzalo_gbroto is passing the time with his neighbors. This is the spirit of Sano Sevilla Los Bermejales. Despite such adverse circumstances, we’re going to get the best out of you.”

What an inspiring way to bring physical activity and connection during a time of isolation. Not only have Spanish people found ways to burn calories during this quarantine, they have also gathered together to show their appreciation for the selfless medical workers who are helping to save lives, even at the risk to their own health.

In an inspiring act that was organized on social media, people in Madrid leaned out their windows or stood on balconies to applaud and cheer for Spain’s hard-working medical staff.

Watch the heartwarming video below:

Meanwhile, housebound residents across Italy have also been appearing at their windows or on balconies — to join together in song.

Some have grabbed their instruments or just used their own vocal cords to contribute to the “flash mob” music.

AP Photo/Luca Bruno

Twitter user @leonardocarella posted a thread of tweets with videos showing this celebration of “the resilience of ordinary people” in various towns around the country, starting with a video of Salerno citizens singing together:

In Naples, Italy, quarantined residents gathered on their balconies to sing, “Un Giorno All’Improvviso,” which was the team song of the Napoli football team during their 2016 championship games.

On social media, the football players asked Italians to gather and sing the words together. Quarantined Italians accepted the challenge and sang from their balconies in a beautiful display of community. Watch the video here:

And over in Milan, photographer Donata Zanotti has been capturing the local climate in her area in a series of portraits of her neighbors that she posts to Instagram. The caption of this image of a local bakery owner states that the bakery staff worked seven days a week — until recently.

Hopefully, the countries hit hardest by the coronavirus can continue to show these signs of solidarity in such uncertain times.

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