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Disney Has A Line Of Avocado-themed Gear And The Pits Are Shaped Like Mickey Mouse

Disney Has A Line Of Avocado-themed Gear And The Pits Are Shaped Like Mickey Mouse
Posted at 11:40 AM, Jul 19, 2019

Say “Mickey Mouse is the pits” to a diehard Disney fan and you might think you’d be in for a less than a magical day. But, the Disney Store actually took that train of thought and imagineered it into a new product line.

Somehow Disney has jumped on board the avocado-trend bandwagon by creating products featuring the creamy, delicious green fruit. And, it wouldn’t be Disney without featuring their main mouse Mickey, right? So, that is how we get to “Mickey Mouse is the pits” — with his iconic ears at the center of an avocado!

Minnie Mouse also gets some love in the avocado product line, because we all know Mickey and Minnie are the perfect couple when it comes to cuteness.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on this new collection, visit Shop Disney to find everything you need. We have a few favorites from the product line that we think are must-haves:

Mickey and Minnie Mouse ‘Avo Good Day’ Journal

There’s nothing like a good food pun! The Mickey and Minnie Mouse “Avo Good Day” Journal has a pair of avocados featuring our favorite mouse couple on the appropriately green-colored cover. The 120-page, lined notebook is hardcovered and also has the Disney Duo avocado art on the pages inside.


Mickey Mouse Avocado Trinket Tray

Sure, avocados make amazing guacamole. But, did you know they can also keep your stuff organized? At least this Mickey Mouse Avocado Trinket Tray can hold your stuff all in one place. And, of course, the Mickey-pit avocado is the centerpiece of the tray!


Mickey and Minnie Mouse Avocado Baseball Cap for Adults

Show off your spirit for Mickey, Minnie and avocados all in one adorable hat design. This pink ball cap has two tiny avocados front and center. Plus, you’ll find “You’re my avo half” embroidered on the left side of the hat. Too cute!


Mickey and Minnie Pouch Set

Disney fans can’t seem to get enough of the fun food creations found in the theme parks. This pouch set not only features Mickey and Minnie Mouse doughnuts, but the “Avo Good Day” design with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. We also liked the “Disney, Sleep, Repeat” pouch. It’s the perfect trio for carrying your makeup or organizing cords for your electronics on a theme-park vacation or anywhere you go.


Is anyone else hungry for avocados now? Be right back — we have to run to the kitchen for a snack before we go shopping for avocado Disney gear.

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