Corpus Christi woman donates blood 99 times

KRIS 6 Angel Award
Posted at 8:10 AM, Jul 08, 2021

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — Every month KRIS6 recognizes a community member who goes above and beyond to help others. July's KRIS6 Angel Award goes to Christine Wilmont for her numerous blood donations.

Wilmont's story starts in June of 2020, when she tested positive for COVID-19 after contracting it from her youngest daughter. She and her daughter quarantined together and both ended up beating the virus. The following month she decided she would do her part and give back to help other battling the virus. With the antibodies to help current COVID patients, Wilmont decided to donate her plasma. But she didn't just give once. Staff at Coastal Bend Blood Center said, as soon as she was healthy enough to do so, she began donating. And she has continued to donate every other week for the remainder of 2020 and into January of 2021.

Ashley Ramirez with the Coastal Bend Blood Center says, " Christine has been a huge help to the blood center. She is a great example to others and has donated so far in her lifetime 99 times."

Through her donations Wilmont has given 17 gallons of her plasma, which she stopped donating at the end of January. Her story doesn't stop there. She continues to give every other week, she now donates her platelets to continue helping others. So far she has been credited with saving 150 lives. And it's those efforts that make Christine Wilmont a KRIS 6 Angel.